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The Erimtan Museum is composed of three historical houses located at the citadel of Ankara. While the exterior architecture represents the historical traces of these dwellings, the interior provides the unique experience of a total museum space. The selection of the materials is limited to what has been emblematic for Ankara, and the balance between the historical and contemporary is represented mainly in the alteration of Ankara stone and exposed reinforced concrete. The walls of the houses were interpreted in such a way as to reframe the museum and to accommodate the services and the necessary technical infrastructure. The southern façade has been expanded to accommodate the museum support functions, including the entrance, the gift shop, an information desk, lockers and an elevator on the mezzanine floor. From here it is possible to see the displays of selected objects on the catwalks, the space continuing behind the “red wall”, the permanent exhibition area below and the stairs connecting it to the temporary exhibition floor. The thick wall runs down two more floors where it forms the kitchen, a storage area, a cleaning room, infrastructural equipment and the other service spaces. The display environments and the spolia are located in the western and eastern walls, while the library runs along the two floors that form the north façade. Museum support activities such as the café, terrace, multi-purpose hall, library and the workshop are designed with their own entrances to provide the necessary autonomy for the museum functions. The terrace, like the other spaces in the museum, is multifunctional, serving both as an exhibition area and as a space for night events, while also serving as an extension to the café area when required.

Ankara, Turkey, 2011-2015

Client: Yüksel Erimtan Art and Culture Foundation

Function: Social / Cultural / Educational / Commercial

Design Team: Onur Yüncü, Ayşen Savaş, Can Aker

Area: 1.800 m²

Services: Design / Construction Documents / Site Supervision / Research & Consultancy

Status: Built

Consultants: Prota Engineering (Structural), Okutan Engineering (Mechanical), Yurdakul Engineering (Electrical), Arzu Gönenç Sorguç (Acoustics), Aytek Savaş (Security), Karina Engineering (Fire Safety), Fatih Öz (Graphic Design)

Photography: Oğuz Karakütük, Beril Kapusuz, Levent Songür, Duygu Tüntaş

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