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A practice whose main area of interest is simultaneous work on academic research and architectural projects in various scales since 2000 has evolved into the establishment of Onur Yüncü Architects in 2011.

With its tendency formulated in between theory and practice, Onur Yüncü Architects approach each project as a process of knowledge generation. Research by design does not always aim at producing an academic outcome. Besides its benefits for the end product, a reflective thinking and discussion process that is oriented towards practice contributes to the development of a knowledge foundation for future in terms of the designer, the owner and every other actor in the process.

Onur Yüncü Architects has developed long term relationships with experienced design, engineering and consultancy groups and it has a flexible organization that is open to the formation of project groups of proper specialization and participation in various collaborations in accordance with the needs of a particular project.

With its experience on residential, commercial, accommodation, exhibition, industrial buildings, and experimental structures and with its tendency towards research by design, the services provided by Onur Yüncü Architects  include: 

  • Program Development

  • Space Planning

  • Schematic Design

  • Design Development

  • Construction Documentation

  • Specifications

  • Site Supervision

  • Research and Consultancy

Onur Yüncü
Architect, M.Arch, Ph.D

After TED Ankara College High School, he was graduated from METU Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture in 2000. He has received his M.Arch with the thesis titled “Conceptualization of Knowledge of Form Making in Architectural Design Education” in 2002 and his Ph.D with the dissertation titled “Research by Design in Architectural Design Education” in 2008 from the same institution.

Following his graduation in 2000, he has been involved in projects of varying scales and programs throughout his career in Erka-As Design and Research Co., Penta Architects, SFMM Architects and METU Revolving Funds. In the years 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2007, he has coordinated the Construction Summer Practices that are organized by METU Department of Architecture and designed the buildings that are built during these practices. In 2004, “Arılı Primary School Computer Workshop,” which was built as a part of these Summer Practices, was nominated for an award in National Awards for Architecture. In 2011 he established his office. In addition to other achievements of the practice, in 2022, "British Oil Mill" was awarded in National Awards for Architecture in Design / Preservation Category.

Between 2007 and 2013, he was a part-time design studio critic at METU Department of Architecture, where he was a Research Assistant between 2001 and 2007. Since 2013 he is a design studio critic at TED University Department of Architecture.

Kübra Sönmez Yalçınkaya

After TED Kayseri College High School, she was graduated from TEDU Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture in 2017. Following her graduation in 2017, she has taken classes from thesis program of Conservation of Cultural Heritage in METU. Between 2018 and 2020, she worked as an architect at Onur Yüncü Architects. Since 2020, she is a junior partner at Onur Yüncü Architects.











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2022 // British Oil Mill // 18th National Awards for Architecture // Design - Preservation Category Award

2021 // Social Centers Competition // Pendik, Kurtköy: Library & Kindergarten // 1st Prize

2021 // Social Centers Competition // Maltepe, Çınar: Neighborhood House, Alzheimer's House & Kindergarten // 1st Prize

2021 // British Oil Mill // AR - MIPIM Future Project Awards 2021 // New and Old Category Winner

2020 // Haliç Coasts Design Competition // 2nd Honorable Mention

2018 // Open International Competition for Alternative Layout Design in Standard Housing // 2nd Category Prize

2017 // Süleymanpaşa Municipality Building Competition // 3rd Honorable Mention

2017 // Bandırma Design Park International Competition // 1st Honorable Mention

2016 // Sivas Kızılırmak Riverfront Urban Regeneration Competition // 1st Prize

2016 // Beylikdüzü Valley of Life International Competition // 1st Prize

2015 // Focus Building Architectural and Landscape Design Ideas Competition // 3rd Prize

2014 // Konyaaltı Beach Architectural and Coastal Design Ideas Competition // 3rd Prize

2013 // Adıyaman Active Living Center Architectural Competition // 4th Honorable Mention

2013 // Cumhuriyet District Sports Complex and Recreation Area Competition // Purchase 

2004 // 9th National Awards for Architecture Building - Living Environment Category // Award Nominee

1999 // Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice Awards - Student Category // Special Jury Award

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