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Anadolu Organized Industrial Zone in Ankara, Temelli, Malıköy is composed of industrial plots organized on the two sides of a green belt. This green belt is planned to be developed into a recreational area in which the social amenities serving to the industrial zone will be placed. Being the first of these buildings, the Headquarters Building constitutes the origin of this area. Following the main request of the client, the horizontal organization of the building is composed of basic functional sections that are differentiated through their distribution around a courtyard. The building is oriented towards a pond that is built earlier to define the edge of the green belt. As a result of this different orientation, some sub-spaces of various characters are formed between the main road and the building, defining the relationship between the building and the vehicular traffic. All management organization is collected within the building while administrative, technical and governing sections find their places around the courtyard. All working spaces are flowing into each other in a transparent organization. Regional materials are used in their raw forms; a volume is formed by placing wood roof trusses above exposed concrete columns that are resting on a stone masonry base. This volume is enclosed with white washed walls, brick walls and glass surfaces.

with METU Revolving Funds
Ankara, Turkey, 2013-2015

Client: Anadolu Organized Industrial Zone

Function: Office / Commercial / Social / Cultural / Educational / Landscape

Design Team: Onur Yüncü, Ayşen Savaş

Area: 2.800 m²

Services: Design / Construction Documents / Site Supervision / Research & Consultancy

Status: Built

Consultants: Ebru Tümer Teke (Interior Design), Erka-As Engineering (Structural), Razgat Engineering (Mechanical), Yurdakul Engineering (Electrical), Karina Engineering (Fire Safety)

Photography: R. Aytül Özkan, Onur Yüncü

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