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For the integration of Kızılırmak riverfront with the urban texture, nature, city and life are considered as main concepts. In this respect, preservation of the nature of Kızılırmak valley as a significant ecological value, physical and functional unification of the valley and the city, and the integration of the resulting environment with the social life constitutes the foundation of our approach. In summary, in the process of integrating the void with the urban tissue, it is aimed to generate adaptive spaces that can be appropriate for changing circumstances. Fo this reason the main idea of the project revolves around the concept of "adaptive corridor". During the initial phase, 50% of the whole permitted building area will be constucted according to our design. The other 50% of the permitted building area is reserved for future needs, which can be housed within buildings that will be designed within the programmatic framework formulated in this project. The programmatic framework departs from the development of GENERIC types which define the spatial relations for each of building function. These GENERIC types define each functional building's size, internal distribution and circulation, service and served spaces and the general massing. Buildings' relations with the landscape is formulated through sub design actions which define GENERIC types' spatial relations with the immediate environment. Thes sub design actions are classifed in 3 groups: PAVEMENT, WALL, TOPOGRAPHY. Buildings are generated through their relations with the main element(s) of the landscape in the portion in which they are situated. All these relationship types are defined for each GENERIC type within the programmatic framework. This kind of an open approach provides a realistic and feasible method for designing an area of this size in integrity. New needs and changes in time will find its place within this framework in order to be situated in the unity of the area.

Competition Project - 1st Prize
Sivas, Turkey, 2016

Client: Sivas Municipality

Function: Commercial / Social / Cultural / Educational / Transportation / Landscape / Sports

Design Team: Onur Yüncü, R. Aytül Özkan, Can Kubin, Zeynep Eraydın, Kemal Özgür, Mehmet Özmen, Yüksel Çetinkaya

Contributors: Burcu Eryılmaz, Yekta Seren, Kübra Sönmez, İdil İbrikçioğlu, Melis Sözen

Area: 6.000.000 m²

Services: Design

Status: Design

Consultants: Semiha Demirbaş Çağlayan (Ecology), Ali Cumhur Zibel (Hydrology), Ahmet Ziya Kadıhasanoğlu (Graphics)

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