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“Designscapes” is a series of places positioned in different scenes of figure-grounds and panoramas, with multiple user viewpoints on differing scales of observation, reflecting the relation of unit and whole in the absence of borders among built and natural.

Designscapes tells the story of a single fragment of design, its relations with other fragments, the ever redefining borders between them and the multiple points of equilibriums constituting the whole. Following a new perspective of fusion without defined borders between the hard and the soft scapes; Designscapes draws an outline of fragment and whole, on changing scenes of figure and ground. The observations and experiences of users depend on their position in the park that provides isolation from the whole, experiencing a singularity on some times, while having chances to observe the whole in multiple viewpoints on some other.

The Design Institute is a bridge that provides the direct link between "Design-Scapes" and the old city. It takes the visitors from the plaza on the eastern end of the proposed corridor, elevates them immediately to the upper level through the city library, and through a series of indoor and outdoor experiences, prepares the visitor to his/her experience in the "Design-Scapes". It houses all necessary facilities for academic and social activities within the scope of experiencing, performing, investigating and understanding design disciplines in a single level open space. It is the only building in the park to be formed as a single entity in order to emphasize the direct link between activities in the park and urban life, which is generated through the function of Design Institute.

International Competition Project - 1st Honorable Mention
Balıkesir, Turkey, 2017

Client: Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality

Function: Landscape / Cultural / Educational / Social / Accommodation / Commercial / Transportation

Design Team: Onur Yüncü, R. Aytül Özkan, Can Kubin, Zeynep Eraydın, Mehmet Özmen, Yüksel Çetinkaya

Contributors: Yekta Seren, Öykü Acıcan, Ahmet Z. Kadıhasanoğlu, Halis Özkan, Beril M. Kubin

Area: 260.000 m²

Services: Design

Status: Design

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