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The urban movement in the east-west direction is considered as the main factor in shaping the land. The southern part of the area was treated as an urban landscape fed with social and commercial spaces to encourage the human movement in the east-west direction and an interface between the municipal service building and urban life is formed. Two approaches define the formation of the built segment at the northern part of the area:

1. The extension of green area formed by the existing cemetery in the east towards the city center in the west,

2. The enrichment of the relationship between the urban fabric in the north and city and sea, with newly formed axes.

The municipality building consists of a fragmented construction integrated intricately, especially in the levels that are related with the ground. While this fragmented structure helps packaging functions in spaces that meet their needs, it clarifies the functional distinctions and establish relationships with the open spaces that are formed between the building blocks. In this context, the formation of the structure, urban transportation, building circulation and landscape constitute an united whole.

Competition Project - 3rd Honorable Mention
Tekirdağ, Turkey, 2017

Client: Süleymanpaşa Municipality

Function: Office / Commercial / Social / Cultural / Landscape

Design Team: Onur Yüncü

Contributors: Ali Ateş, Ozan Çiçek, Yekta Seren, Elif Ezgi Öztürk, İpek Deniz Alpdoğan, Begüm Sarı, Atacan Okumuş, İlayda Yalçın, Hazal Gümrükçüoğlu

Area: 23.000 m²

Services: Design

Status: Design

Consultants: Hilmi Yüncü (Structural)

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