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Urban living is characterized through an increased level of social interaction as a result of dense population. Therefore, a housing should be developed with the aim of enhancing instances of meeting while providing comfortable individual living quarters. In this sense, this project aims at generating vibrant spaces for social gathering in the process of bringing apartment units together. Each building type is organized around a collective core which connects the inhabitants with each other and the city outside. The relationships between this social interaction and circulation area and the apartment units are shaped differently according to the potentials of each particular building type. Standardized apartment units of varying sizes for different user profiles come together to form a different unity in each case, in each different building typology. During the process, the apartment units are modified according to the spatial characteristics of the building type. Although the generic spatial diagram is consistent for each different sized apartment unit, they become specific to the building in which they are situated. Thus, standard units become specific in terms of their interior layout, their interaction with the city through facades and sunrooms, and their relationship with the neighboring units and collective spaces.

Building layouts are developed for Urban Villa, Section Building and Gallery Building. Urban Villa, with its openings on all directions and limited number of apartments provides an opportunity for dense, but spacious living in an urban environment. Section Building, on the other hand, has adjacent neighboring buildings on two sides, limiting the openings to two sides, therefore needing more collective spaces distributed between the apartment units. Gallery Building should be organized through a gallery which connects the apartments, where this gallery space naturally bears the potential to be developed into being a social interaction space.

International Competition Project - 2nd Category Prize
with Ziya İmren Architects and Tolga İltir Architects
Russia, 2018

Client: Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation

Function: Residential / Commercial / Social

Design Team: Onur Yüncü, Ziya İmren, Tamara Nazari, Tolga İltir

Contributors: Ali Ateş, Elif Ezgi Öztürk, Kübra Sönmez, Ahmet Kılınç, Barış Karasu, Çağrım Koçer, Didar Çayır, Nilay Karaköy, Hazal Gürgöze, Hatice Öz, Asena Güney, Şeyma Akcan

Area: 20.000 m²

Services: Design

Status: Design

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