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British Oil Mill presents itself as an industrial heritage place in a Mediterranean coastal town. Located near Mersin International Port, the building has been established as a cotton-seed oil mill in early 1900s. The oil mill is unique in Turkey with its hybrid structural system, which combines stone masonry walls with a steel framework.

The conservation projects provides a comprehensive documentation and restoration of British Oil Mill as it develops spatial transformation and adaptive re-use strategies to achieve a campus for cultural events. The aim of the project is to preserve the oil mill as a rare and unique document of industrial heritage and re-claim its cultural value by attaching it to contemporary life. To encourage repetitive patterns of visiting, the oil mill is re-configured as a temporary exhibition space. The proposal unveils the possibilities of the deep continuous space that the building defines by inserting a series of platforms alternating on different levels.

While British Oil Mill welcomes visitors with its monumental presence, the strips of contemporary extensions envelope exhibition spaces, multi-purpose halls, offices and a cafe. Whole system is interconnected with an elevated pathway, which is formed as an extension of the platforms suggested in the Oil Mill. The building strips define a series of open spaces that could accommodate various activities including exhibitions, installations, fairs, celebrations, workshops and so on.

Winner in AR - MIPIM Future Project Awards 2021 - New and Old Category

18th National Awards for Architecture - Design / Preservation Category Award
with ANB Architects and Stüdyo Nüve
Mersin, Turkey, 2019 - 2020

Client: Governorship of Mersin - Adana Directorate of Survey and Monuments

Function: Exhibition / Cultural / Recreation / Social

Design Team: Onur Yüncü, Kübra Sönmez Yalçınkaya, Ali Ateş (Onur Yüncü Architects) - Umut Bilgiç, Serkan Songur, Merve Çolak Gözener, Mustafa Çınar Ünal, Tuğba Varlı, Oğuz Bostancı, Ali Yasin Eginligil (ANB Architects) - Seray Türkay Coşkun, Esatcan Coşkun, Gökçe Naz Soysal (Stüdyo Nüve)

Area: 6.000 m²

Services: Design / Construction Documents

Status: Design

Consultants: İ. Ozan Demirel (Structural Design) - Nida Naycı (Historical Research) - A. Akın Akyol (Materials Analysis and Conservation) - Cihan Malgıt, Yağmur Yengüner (Structural Engineering) - Aykut Taşlıgül, Mehmet Küçük, Hakan Filinte, Leyla Küçük, Oğuz Çınar, Gökhan Çankaya, Cem Üstekidağ (Mechanical Engineering), Kemal Güravşar, Emrah Güravşar, Emre Karagöz, Osman Eray Çetin (Electrical Engineering)

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